retirement at last


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  1. A perfect poem. When I retired 11 years ago, I changed my name and title: From Dr + maiden name, which I had kept throughout my professional career, to Mrs + married name. It was a deliberate gesture, drawing a line on one phase of my life and challenging myself to create a new identity in this next phase. I don’t regret it, although it caused some consternation amongst former colleagues, and will cause further confusion if ever I get a Wikipedia entry!
    Your haiku encapsulates all that and more for me.

  2. Succinct but how true. As a nurse with a PhD, I was used to being addressed as Dr. in the classroom. Then in retirement I moved where no one knew my past, so I became just my first name. I found I liked it…after awhile. It came with no expectations.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful haiku. I retired in January after practicing medicine for 40 years and your poem beautifully describes the combination of relief as well as uncertainty ahead. Who am I now, if not Doctor?
    Thanks so much! I have this printed and hanging at my desk.

  4. V. Ranaldi-Adams

    I never thought about this topic before I read this haiku. I now realize that my doctor, dentist, and eye doctor all have the first name of “Doctor”.

  5. I can so relate to this. In my work as a psychologist I was ‘Dr’, then not. Since I kept my maiden name I find people addressing me formally by what was my mother’s name. You wrote this so well.

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