Encounters: “I was waiting for the cure, but you know. Maybe one day.”

Encounters cure

About the Encounter

I contracted HIV in 1992. I got into an accident in Miami. My friend was driving: He didn’t see the stop sign, and there you go…I think that’s why I got the HIV. Then I moved back to New York. That was years ago. But I feel hopeful. HIV doesn’t bother me too much yet.

I told my sister, and that’s about it. I don’t tell other people because I told some friends, and they left me, cut off our friendship. It’s terrible, yeah.

I’m very close to my sister. She lives in Atlanta, so when I go there, I stay for one month, two months. When I go there, I get very fat.

Everything is normal in my life. I was waiting for the cure, but you know. Maybe one day.

About the Encounters Project

The Encounters Project began in the summer of 2017 as a collaboration between Pulse visuals editor Sara Kohrt and two medical students from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Kristen Lee and Erin McCoy. The three photographed and interviewed patients who attend a family health center in the Bronx. Patients were asked to talk about their healthcare experiences, to share stories about their lives outside the clinic walls and to reflect on how these two worlds affect each other.


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