Ten years–wow. Congratulations, Pulse. I wish that I’d discovered you sooner. It wasn’t until 2015, while I was taking an online writing course, that my instructor recommended I visit this “free online journal dedicated to health-care stories.” On first impression, Pulse looked like a mostly physician publication. Au contraire, I was very pleased to learn that you’re inclusive rather than exclusive–and, a rare find, interdisciplinary to the point of inviting patients to send in their stories.  
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Thank You for Saving My Soul

Pulse, thank you for saving my soul.  

I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s true. So I hope you won’t mind–think it too “evangelical”– if I share my testimony…

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Beyond Reading: Pulse as a Pedagogical Tool

I have been connected to Pulse as a weekly reader and avid supporter since its inception ten years ago. In addition, as a medical educator, I consider Pulse to be a toolbox of pedagogical resources to help learners understand how stories, poems and visuals are additive to their education across the continuum of medical school, residency and continuing medical education.

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Pulse on the College Campus

I am a faculty member and a pre-health advisor at a small, liberal arts college. I work with students interested in a variety of health professions. 

Because my training has all been focused on scientific pursuits, I have no direct experience as a clinician.

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May the Beat Go On

My pulse beats, reminding me to live each minute of my life with enthusiasm and strength.My pulse beats, reminding me that with each passing minute I move one step closer to mortality. My pulse beats, reminding me to take nothing–and no one–for granted.

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