Peeling Wolfe



Julia Weinstein Wolfe

About the artist: 

Julia Weinstein Wolfe is an applied anthropologist specializing in aging. She is an abuse survivor and recovering alcoholic and was recently diagnosed with recurring multiple sclerosis. Originally from the East Coast, she considers herself a Minnesotan temporarily exiled among the remarkably kind and friendly people of Texas. “Taking photographs is a hobby for almost everyone in my family. As my dad would say, ‘Real life is amazing enough.’ “

About the artwork:

“As I’ve continued my journey of recovery from alcoholism, the challenge and reward has been to be more and more vulnerable–to be more open about my struggles and weaknesses. This has led to relationships that are deeper, more honest and more intimate than I’ve ever known. Sharing my fears about MS has helped me cope with those fears and allowed others in my life to share their fears with me.

“This tree is …

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