weighting keppler


Hannah Keppler

About the artist: 

Hannah is a second-year medical student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, NY. Her commitment to global health began while working as an undergraduate with Universities Allied for Essential Medicines. It has since taken her around the world–in 2013 to Geneva, Switzerland, as a participant in the World Health Assembly, and more recently to Uganda, with Doctors for Global Health, where she worked to expand village health worker and community nutrition programs. She is passionate about women’s health and family planning.

About the artwork:

“I took this picture while conducting nutrition screening in a village in the Kisoro district of Uganda. These five children were waiting their turns to be weighed and measured; the village health worker, a translator and I recorded the information. The scale required kids to hang from it, like a swing. It was a challenge keeping them still. Many kicked and screamed, making the scale …

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