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  Letting Go

Broken Promise Giftos

Jonathan Giftos

About the artist: 

"I work as a primary care doctor at a clinic in the South Bronx. I believe it is part of my job, as a doctor, to advocate for my patients' health both inside the exam room and out on the streets. I have enjoyed taking photographs since I was a little kid. After a long hiatus, I reconnected with street photography in the fall of 2014 through the Bronx Documentary Center. I particularly enjoy using photography to highlight the strength and beauty of a borough more often known by outsiders for its poverty and struggles. And I continue to see photography as both a creative outlet and as a tool for social change. I have been collecting photos on a new website, jonathangiftos.com, where prints are available in exchange for a donation to the Bronx Documentary Center."

About the artwork:

"This photo was taken while standing with South Bronx Unite in protest of a deal that would bring a Fresh Direct facility, along with thousands of air-polluting diesel trucks, to the South Bronx waterfront. The continued consolidation of diesel-truck-intensive facilities in low-income neighborhoods is both an environmental injustice and a public-health concern. I believe that it is our responsibility as physicians to stand with our community in calling for an end to such unfair and exploitative practices."

Visuals editor:

Justin Sanders


mainencounterspicEncounters, our latest feature: Patients talk about their healthcare experiences and share stories about their lives outside the doctor's office.

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