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This month... My Aching Back

All through November he prayed, “Please God, help this pain, and please help me find out what is wrong so I can heal.”

Through December: “Please God, when I see the doctor, don’t let it be cancer. And I beg you to please help this pain.”

In January and February his prayer changed to, “Please God, let the chemotherapy and radiation work.”

At scan time in March: “Please God, don’t let it have spread anywhere else.”

From then on: “Please God, help this pain, and bless all my family and friends who are praying for me.”

On June 11th the oncologist took our hands, bowed his head, and prayed for a comfortable transition to a better place and for comfort and strength for all of his family and friends.

On June 21st we held his hands and prayed, “Eternal rest grant unto him, oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. Amen."

Debi Santini
Springfield, Illinois


# Spencer Joslin 2016-10-28 13:13
Our expectations, and thus our prayers, do transform through the process. This evoked for me the journey we traveled with my mother in law through the land of incurable glioblastoma. The final prayer, for eternal rest and perpetual light, reflects the common destination. I would add to that a prayer for peace and healing for those of us who accompanied her on the journey.
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