Lois Goglia

About the artist: 

Lois Goglia uses radiographic imagery, such as animal and human X-rays, mammograms, ultrasounds and DNA sequencing gels, along with traditional art supplies to investigate the relationship between science and art, specifically photography. She has created multiple series that explore the continuum from medical imagery to photography. Her award-winning work has been exhibited in commercial galleries and museums and can be seen at her website, loisgoglia.net

About the artwork:

“Sword explores the relationship between the natural world and the humans and animals that inhabit it. The ‘sword’ highlights the tension between them. The colors were inspired by the colors of the leaves in autumn, when this work was created. After assembling a collage of X-ray fragments, I photographed it on a light box and added color digitally.”

Visuals editor:

Justin Sanders

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