Wong Premature med


Daniel Wong

About the artist: 

Daniel Wong is a recent Stanford graduate with plans to attend medical school. He is interested in the creative bond between art and medicine and the power of artistic expression to foster healing. Daniel finds art to be a unique method of human communication and finds visual arts a fascinating means of forming deep psychological connections with others. He works primarily in oils. More of his work can be found at dwong.net.

About the artwork:

“When I was in the womb, my mother’s OB-GYN looked at the ultrasound and congratulated her: it was a girl! Though he realized his error later, I often wonder about my mother’s thought processes when she learned that information, how she mentally prepared herself for a girl and how that changed when the doctor’s ‘diagnosis’ did. Every word a doctor utters is translated into a unique meaning by the patient, who is constantly seeking information. This piece is also about a referred memory: though I wasn’t conscious when it was created, the story informs my overall narrative. Who does this memory belong to?”

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