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Welcome to Pulse

Revealing the personal side of health care through stories, poems and images, Pulse has become an essential narrative medicine resource for patients, health professionals, educators, students and pleasure readers. On this page--our current and most recent offerings.


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"I don't just read Pulse, I adore it." --Donald Berwick MD

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Pulse: More Voices--

a treasury of compelling stories and poems.

Includes The Resilient Heart , Babel: The Voices of a Medical Trauma and Confessions of a Seventy-Five-Year-Old Drug Addict. Foreword by Maureen Bisognano, President of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.


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    janice mancuso
    Only months away from my senior-citizen birthday, I have been burdened with a high school critique ...


  • She Who Shows Up
    Diane Hage
    I was so moved by your poem and the courage you displayed in writing it. It inspires me to be better ...


  • She Who Shows Up
    Mary Ann Mealor
    Your friend truly walked the walk as she gave the gift of service in your time of need. Your tribute ...


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