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morevoicesblueThis month, readers reflect on....Prayer
Just released...

Pulse: Editors' Picks


a vibrant new anthology of stories and poems


Foreword by Perri Klass MD and Sketches by Alan Blum MD


"Pulse is that rare confluence of the best of medicine and modern life...This anthology is a total pleasure." Louise Aronson MD


Now available at Amazon and CreateSpace



Latest Comments

  • New Widow
    Lynn Lawrence
    Elizabeth, I met you at a conference (I no longer remember which one) and you told me you were working ...


  • Crash Course
    Warren Holleman
    This is such a good crash course for all of us in listening: active listening, fully present listening ...


  • The Secret
    Julie Stausmire
    I am sorry, but bedside death wishes or promises die when the patient dies and the family becomes ...


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